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Sristi Sengupta (Storyteller)

0 Reviews
Starting at: ₹999

About Sristi Sengupta (Storyteller)

I have a passion for touching hearts with my stories. Having been the finalist of Asia's largest content festival, India Film Project's 9th season of storytelling challenge I received the honour on performing in the Mehboob studios Mumbai which has been bestowed with the presence of artists like Nasiruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar, Rajkumar Rao and many others.

I am also a certified listener by Mood-cafe, mental support organization based online and established in Ahmedabad. Recently I have collaborated with India's biggest kid's lifestyle brand, FirstCry, to promote children's mental health through the art of storytelling.

To more please refer to my website

Storytelling sessions, workshops on storytelling (for both children and adults), provide as a 'listener' (one-on-one mental support/encouragement), motivational sessions, motivation workshops (the healing aspect of words and how we use them)
Qualification & Experience:
Completed secondary level education, official member of Indian Storytelling Network
Storytelling session (INR 999 per hour), all workshops (INR 1500 per hour), motivational session (INR 999 per hour), one-on-one mental support (4000 per week i.e Monday to Thursday)

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