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Pinal Patel (Storyteller)

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Starting at: ₹2,000

About Pinal Patel (Storyteller)

Pinal Vasanwala Patel is one of the leading faculties of storytelling sessions. Certified Storyteller from Kathalaya, Bangalore, Pinal has been conducting storytelling sessions in influence and create a positive change in the world through children's books. Her creative mind has brought three story books for children :

Aani & Indian States, Aani & our Continents and Aant's First Atlas in association with 'Navneet - India's one of the largest publication house. Her urge of helping people through stories, inspired her to create a medium named NIAA Creations to 'make stories travel across the world.

NIAA Creations is on a mission to create world-class entertainment and Education experiences through books, storytelling, YouTube videos, Creative writing workshops, apps and much more!

Storytelling, Conducting Seminar, Author, Content writing, Spoken English, Creative Writing, Teachers Training
Qualification & Experience:
M.Com with 12 - 14 Years of Experience
2000 Per Hour

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