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Neha Acharya (Storyteller)

0 Reviews
Starting at: ₹12,500

About Neha Acharya (Storyteller)

Neha holds a Master’s degree in management and brings on board extensive corporate experience in Brand-Driven Storytelling. She is a passionate and successful conceptualist, strategist, and implementer. Neha is also a trained & Experienced Storyteller & Voicing Technique Practitioner. She has facilitated, Lead and performed at Retreats, workshops, conferences, and special events all around India.

In addition, she is a well-received music curator, Tisane Master, specialist in the new dance movement for Physical Storytelling . She is a healer and a thought-leader. She is an exponent and expert in Tai Chi and sword Tai Chi, and conducts workshops in various forms of dance and music.

She has a beautiful singing voice and just completed Taittiriya Aranyaka, Parad Samhita, and its hymns so recitation of different mantras comes naturally to her .

Storytelling, Face Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates , Voice Acting
Qualification & Experience:
Certified Storyteller
12,500 Per 10 Sessions

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