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Nidhi Bagaria

0 Reviews
Starting at: ₹2,500

About Nidhi Bagaria

A professional and creative storyteller, founder of The Creative World...where stories come alive, a storytelling, speech and drama program for children and educator. Have worked with children for over fifteen years.

Collaborated with schools, NGOs, Balwadis, leading book stores and have been a part of various literary festivals like Kala Ghoda arts festival and Lulu fest, Kochi. Conduct storytelling, drama and puppet show workshops for children from 3 years upwards.

Storytelling, Speech and Drama, Creative Expression, Puppet Workshops. Training Workshops for Teachers and Adults. Mentoring schools. Collaborate with schools.
Qualification & Experience:
A Certified Storyteller from the World Storytelling Institute, Early Childhood Educator with a DECE, Worked as a Teacher, Trainer, Principal, Supervisor and Currently as a Storyteller and freelance Educator.
2500/- for per hour session. Generally session are customized as per requirement.

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